Picasso Museum Barcelona Guide

Overview of Picasso Museum Barcelona

The Picasso museum of Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in this glorious city which you can explore by getting Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets. Interestingly Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous painters in the world, shared a deep relationship with Barcelona, something that is deeply reflected in this museum. Apart from displaying his exquisite collection, this museum also sheds some light on the relationship that Picasso shared with Barcelona and how it helped in forging his adolescence and youth and went on till his death. This museum consists of as many as three storeys and is home to more than 4,200 artworks dating from the period of 1890 – 1957.

Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets will grant you access to a collection of five adjacent mediaeval palaces situated in the historical La Ribera district of Barcelona. The artworks of Picasso that are showcased here belong to different genres, but majorly consisting of surrealism and cubism. Moreover, it is also only one of the three museums in the entire world that is entirely dedicated to Pablo Picasso. The early work of Pablo Picasso is very well covered in this museum along with other major highlights included with your Picasso museum tickets Barcelona like Science and Charity (1897) and the First Communion (1896).

Get the Best Deals on Picasso Museum Barcelona Tickets

Since the Picasso museum in Barcelona is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the city, it’s always flocked with art connoisseurs from across the globe. At times, you will have to stand in a long queue just to get an entry pass but if you book the Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets online, you can eliminate this hassle. Moreover, you also stand a chance to have some amazing deals and discounts if you book your Picasso museum tickets online well in advance. There are also some interesting combos available where you can club some major landmarks of Barcelona with the Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets.

Choose the Best Picasso Museum Barcelona Combo Tickets

Skip-The-Line Guided English Tour of Picasso Museum

This unique skip-the-line Picasso museum Barcelona tickets offers a guided English tour of Picasso museum and lets you move around faster without standing in a queue. At the same time, you will also get to learn about the great artist’s work and life in detail. You would require at least 2 hours at your disposal to completely explore the museum with his early life and his masterpieces like "Science and Charity", "Royan", and "Las Meninas. You will also get to witness the artist's deep relationship with Barcelona, as the guide accompanies you with Picasso museum tickets barcelona.

Priority Access Tickets to Picasso Museum

The major highlights of this Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets allows you skip-the-line access to the museum and you can enter inside the permanent exhibitions. You can walk right inside the museum with this ticket, without waiting in long queues. When inside the museum, your Picasso museum tickets Barcelona will grant you access to explore as many as 5,000 pieces of art by Picasso which include studies, sketches, photographs, illustrated books, drawings, paintings and more! Also explore the maverick’s obsession with comics and comic strips with its thereafter incorporation. You can also admire the graphical art of Richard Fauguet, Émilie Gleason, Sergio García Sánchez with these priority access tickets.

Picasso Walking Tour & Picasso Museum of Barcelona

If you wish to delve deep into the life of Pablo Picasso, this is the perfect Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets. This tour will not only allow you to explore the Picasso museum but the walking tour will also let you visit Els Quatre Gats situated in the heart of this iconic city. The Llotja de Mar art school, where Picasso studied for most of his student life is also covered as you stroll around with your Museu Picasso De Barcelona Tickets. Witness the Architects' Association Building, to get the glimpse of Picasso's only piece of public art present in the museum with these Picasso museum tickets barcelona.

Barcelona: Private Picasso Experience

Learn more about Pablo Picasso and his beloved city Barcelona through this walking tour which will commence at Porxosd’EnXifre and ideally lasts for 2-4 hours. This is the place where the Picasso family first moved to Barcelona and the rest is history. With these Picasso museum tickets Barcelona, you can explore the Bohemian style Neighborhood in detail, and the stunning Picasso Museo. The last pitstop of this Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets is going to be Sala Parés where Picasso jointly organised an exhibition of a series of pastel drawings with Ramon Casas in 1901.

Barcelona: Picasso Museum and Born Neighborhood Guided Tour

This one-hour long walking tour will be organised by a professional guide who will take you to the well-known Born neighbourhood, which is one of the most popular and trendiest neighbourhoods in Barcelona. You will get to witness many landmarks during this tour, with the help of a knowledgeable guide. This Picasso museum ticket Barcelona will include the likes of Arc de Triomf, Passeig del Born and Santa Maria del Mar, a marvellous church. At the end of this particular Picasso museum Barcelona tickets tour, you can explore the Picasso Museum as much as you like.

Barcelona Museum Pass - Articket: Skip The Line

For someone who’s a history buff and loves visiting museums, these are the perfect Picasso museum Barcelona tickets. Because this ticket will grant you access to as many as six museums, namely: Museu Picasso of Barcelona, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Fundació Joan Miró, The Centre de CulturaContemporània de Barcelona, Museud’ArtContemporani de Barcelona, Fundació Antoni Tàpies. All the museum visits will include skip-the-line tickets so you won’t have to stand in long queues, at all, at any museum!

Things to See in Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso’s Formative Years

It begins with shedding some light on the earliest works of this renowned painter, including the darkest works he created during the winter at Madrid academy. You will also get to witness some cheerful work that he composed during his vacations to the village of Horta de Sant Joan. Some of his adolescent year works of light and shadow are also prudently displayed, which are quite ecstatic as per his age at the time.

The Blue Period

In this section, the phase of the great Pablo, when he faced many financial difficulties that he couldn’t even afford to buy colours is displayed. You can easily know why he did not use colours at all, and why his state of mind became rather distressful with his art. The blue period involves some of his darkest works that are also on display in this museum. Some of his most notable works during this period includes The Young Ladies of Avignon.

Under the Influence

This section includes Picasso’s inspired work. He used to consider Velazquez his master and the influence can be clearly seen in some of his works. Not only Velazquez, but Picasso was also inspired by other patrons like El Greco.

The Barcelona Spain Years

With Picasso museum Barcelona tickets, you can learn about the time the great artist lived in Barcelona during 1895 – 1904 and had an active presence in the area. There are some comic elements that can be witnessed in this section including a painting of his friend Sabartes in erotic exploits with several women.

The Rose Period

In this period, Picasso started using shades like reds, oranges, and pinks to depict circus performers, harlequins and clowns. It was during this time that he realised that he needed a stage name and that’s when ‘Picasso’ was born.

Know Before You Go to Picasso Museum Barcelona

Essential Information
Accessibility & Tips
  1. Opening Hours:
  • Tuesdays to Sundays 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Closed on Mondays
  1. Getting Here:
  • By Metro: Metro lines like L4 Jaume I and L1 Arc de Triomf will take you to the Picasso museum. The museum is just a 5 min walk away from the Museum station.
  • By Bus: If you wish to take a bus, there are many options including bus numbers 47, D20, H14, H16, V13, V15, V17. On various routes you will get to the Picasso Museum Barcelona with just a small walk. The nearest station from the destination is Ramon Trias Fargas - Pg Marítim, 7 minutes away, Princesa - Montcada, and more.

Looking for when to go? Discover the best time to visit Barcelona and plan your adventure, whether it's during the festive atmosphere of summer with lively street celebrations or the mild winter months perfect for exploring architectural marvels and cozy cafes.

  1. Guided Tours:
  • Guided tours can be availed during your museum visit which will assist you in understanding Picasso’s art in a much better way.

  • There are audio guided tours available in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

  1. Virtual Tours:
  • Virtual tour to the courtyard

  • Ontology “Picasso 1936 Exhibition

  • Picasso’s Barcelona

  1. Accessibility:
  • Accessible with wheelchairs facility.

  • Lift services available.

  • Guide dogs are allowed

  • Adapted toilets in the museum

  1. Tips
  • The Picasso museum stays open from Tuesday to Sunday but it would be more feasible and easy if you visit the museum on a weekday, rather than a weekend.

  • There are various types of picasso museum tickets barcelona for the Picasso museum including the general ticket and the temporary exhibition ticket. The latter is the more cost-effective out of the two but will only grant you access to the temporary collection and not the permanent one.

  • The vicinity of Picasso museum is dotted with many other historical sites and museums. So after buying Picasso museum tickets Barcelona it’s advisable that you plan a whole day exploring the whole area thoroughly.

FAQ's of Picasso Museum Barcelona

Can we take pictures inside the museum?

Yes, photography is allowed in the museum after you buy Barcelona Picasso Museum Tickets. However, there's a catch as you cannot use flash or tripods while shooting in the exhibition rooms.

How long do you spend in the Picasso Museum?

On average, the general consensus is that one should at least spend 90 minutes to 2 hours to completely explore the museum and its exhibits.

Is it worth visiting the Picasso Museum?

Yes, absolutely worth it if you ask us because this is one of the only three museums in the entire world dedicated to Pablo Picasso. Moreover, there are more than 4,200 artworks of Picasso on display here. One can also get enlightened about the special relationship that Picasso shared with Barcelona. Museu Picasso De Barcelona Tickets will grant you access inside this exotic museum.

What is special about Picasso's paintings?

Pablo Picasso is renowned to be one of the most prolific artists this world has ever seen. With the Picasso museum tickets Barcelona, you can admire Picasso's paintings which are masterpieces catering to different periods and styles. He, in fact, gave birth to the cubism style of painting.

What is the cost of Picasso Museum Barcelona tickets?

General Picasso museum tickets Barcelona for adults cost approx €12 - €15. Visitors aged between 18-25 would have to buy the ticket whereas entry for minors under 18 is free of cost.

Should I book Picasso Museum tickets in advance?

Yes, you should book your Museu Picasso De Barcelona Tickets online because the Picasso Museum is a very popular tourist destination in Barcelona. Moreover, if you book online, you also stand a chance to score some great deals, discounts and combos, without standing in long queues to get the entry ticket..

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