Snorkeling in Barcelona

Packages for Snorkelling in Barcelona

Costa Brava: Kayak and Snorkel Tour with Lunch and Beach

Take the kayak and snorkel tour with lunch and beach to explore the beauty of Costa Brava. Immerse yourself in the natural aesthetics, and shimmery water of the Mediterranean sea. Snorkeling helps in exploring underwater marine life. Whereas, with Kayak you can discover the architecture, hidden caves and much more. You will be escorted by guides who will impart the ancient history associated with this place. You can book this package for around.

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Kayak and Snorkel day Tour to la Costa Brava from Barcelona

The kayak and snorkel day tour to la costa brava from Barcelona is the best deal to undertake snorkeling in Barcelona. Located 60 km away from the city, it is popular citing the Mediterranean climate and enriched aquatic fauna. Another thing that has made this place quite well-liked is the architecture, natural volcanic caves and shimmering water. Talking of the pricing, you can book a session for around €70-80 for a duration of six hours. You can also book a guide to know about the history of the place.

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Kayaking and Snorkeling on la Costa Brava Small Group

Book a combined group package for your next Barcelona snorkeling tour. This package can be extended for a maximum of eight people. You will get to do the activities for a duration of eight hours only. You and your friends can spend a whole day snorkeling and enjoying the Kayak rides. You can also go cliff jumping for a next-level experience in the clear Mediterranean water.

10hr Barcelona Day Trip: Kayak & Snorkel Costa Brava + Lunch

Your wish of Snorkeling in Barcelona can be fulfilled when you book the 10hr Barcelona day trip. This is for those who are in a group of six to twelve people. Post-booking, you will be asked to be present at the meeting point, Arc de Triomf. On reaching the location, you can simply pick up your snorkeling gear and start exploring the wild aquatic life. Once done, you will also be offered a picnic lunch with a snack.

Costa Brava Coast Hike and Snorkel from Barcelona with Lunch

Book the Costa Brava Coast hike and snorkel from Barcelona. You can hike along the sandy beaches and rugged cliffs around the beach. During this tour, you will get to know the ancient history surrounding the beach with your guide. Next, you can go for a simple swim or snorkeling and enjoy the magnificent marine life. Finally, you will end your trip with a three-course lunch served at Calella de Palafrugell after snorkeling in Barcelona.

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Costa Brava Kayak Experience with Snorkel and Paddle from Barcelona

Snorkeling in Costa Brava can be more fun with this package. It particularly involves picking up Kayak and exploring the alluring coastline of the Costa Brava. You can enjoy the best coastal landscape while listening to the history and stories associated with the guide. Have a good picnic lunch after completing the Kayak ride. Finally, dive snorkel to relax your body and soul on this snorkeling in Barcelona tour. Paddle along the cliffs, and go for a great swim on your way back to Barcelona.

Hiking, Kayaking and Snorkelling in the Costa Brava

Go for this package if Kayak is your aspiration at the mesmerizing beach of Costa Brava. Begin your Kayak journey around the Mediterranean sea and paddle at your speed for two hours. After snorkeling, Kayaking you can go hiking at San Feliú. The package also includes picturesque locations such as San Feliu de Guixols to have a marvelous experience.

Costa Brava Kayak and Snorkel Tour, Food experience and a visit to Tossa de Mar

Begin your Kayak, snorkeling and cliff jump tour on the Tossa de Mar beach. During your trip, you will get to explore marine life, sea caves and beautiful coastal landscapes. After this, go for a Mediterranean lunch at ossa de Mar Main Beach ("Platja Gran") located at a distance of 100 m. Visit the 13th-century medieval town on the Catalan coast and explore the Mediterranean aesthetics at the Vila Vella.

FAQ's of Snorkeling in Barcelona

Where to snorkel in Barcelona?

When booking a Barcelona snorkeling tour, choose ‘Costa Brava’ beaches due to the enchanting Mediterranean sea and the clear waters. You can always book packages for snorkeling, hiking and Kayak rides at affordable prices.

How long do snorkeling tours in Barcelona last?

Usually, snorkeling in Barcelona tours lasts for a duration of two to ten hours. During this time you will get a chance to go snorkeling in the clear and warm waters of the beaches and also spare some time to do other activities such as kayaking and hiking, included in the tour.

When is the best time for a snorkeling tour in Barcelona?

The best time to go for a snorkeling tour in Barcelona is anywhere between 9 to 11 am. Citing the Mediterranean climate in Barcelona, early tours are more comfortable and fascinating. Also you should go for a snorkeling tour during the summer months when the water is warm, providing a comfortable temperature to go snorkeling.

What are the things to keep in mind while going Snorkeling in Barcelona?

Snorkeling does not require you to be a professional swimmer. However, you have to carry things like snorkeling masks, snorkeling fins, snorkel, and a wetsuit. Also, using contact lenses is permissible but it can be lost if the diver opens his eyes.

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