Things To Do In Barcelona With Kids

With fun activities, intriguing architecture, and fascinating culture, there are plenty of things to do in Barcelona with kids. No matter whether you want to visit the Maritime or any other museum to teach some history to the kids or participate in a cooking class to learn to make paella. Every activity in Barcelona is a beautiful way to treat your family and spend some quality time together as the city offers plenty of exciting options that you would want to indulge in again and again.

One of the most interesting activities to do in Barcelona with kids is learning about the history of cocoa and witnessing the chocolate sculptures in the Chocolate Museum. Kids who have a knack for art can go on an Antoni Gaudi tour to witness some of his remarkable creations, including La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló. They can also indulge in some of the adventurous rides and slides in the different theme parks, like PortAventura World and Tibidabo Amusement Park. Also you get to witness the gorgeous aerial views of the city through the Montjuic Cable Car ride for an unforgettable memory.

Park Güell.jpg
Stroll Around Park Güell

One of the best things to do in Barcelona with kids is to take a stroll with your families in Park Güell in Barcelona since it is a majestic wonderland created by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudi. While walking along the park, they can discover the vision of the architect through the confluence of nature and architectural structure throughout the park. The visitors can learn about the history of the park and get an insight into its transformation journey from a housing estate to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Location: 08024 Barcelona, Spain.

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Enjoy at Tibidabo Amusement Park

One of the other activities to do in Barcelona with kids is to enjoy your day at the Tibidabo Amusement Park, which is the oldest theme park in the entire world. In this amusement park, kids can find a perfect blend of cool vintage rides and contemporary ones, such as Talaia, Avió, Giordano, the Carousel, and much more. Since it is situated about 512 meters above sea level, it is a great place to spend some quality time with your family and enjoy the spectacular view of the entire city.

Location: Pl. del Tibidabo, 3, 4, 08035 Barcelona, Spain.

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l-aquarium barcelona.jpg
Witness Sea Life at Barcelona Aquarium

If you are looking for recreational and educational things to do with kids in Barcelona, you can head to the Barcelona Aquarium. You can enjoy a surreal experience of witnessing marine life in 21 of its extensive aquariums, including rays, ocean sunfishes, yellow-headed butterflies, black sharks, and a lot more. Here, your children can also get the opportunity to participate in numerous interactive experiences that are designed specifically for kids to understand the importance of marine conservation.

Location: Pl. del Tibidabo, 3, 4, 08035 Barcelona, Spain.

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barcelona zoo-ticket.png
Check Out Wildlife at Barcelona Zoo

Checking out the wildlife at Barcelona Zoo is among the incredibly exciting things to do in Barcelona with kids. In this zoo, there are 11 different zones where children can watch around 400 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles in their natural enclosures. Through their natural habitat, the kids can learn about wildlife and its importance, while cultivating a love for them. You can see Nicobar Pigeon and Java Sparrow in the Land of Dragons, red monkey and the talapoin in the Primate Gallery, or Wattled Jacana and Sunbittern in Aviarium.

Location: Parc de la, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

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PortAventura World.jpg
Explore PortAventura World

Exploring PortAventura World is one of the best things to do in Barcelona with kids as it is a beautiful theme park for different kinds of adventures for kids. From water slides to roller coasters, the theme park allows the little ones to indulge in never-seen-before experiences, like Dragon Khan, Tutuki Splash, Shambala, and Hurakan Condor. Through this theme park, kids can wander across different countries, such as China, Mexico, and Polynesia through its unique designated zones. You will also find a Ferrari land in the theme park that takes you through the authentic luxury car brand experience.

Location: Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n 43480 Vila-Seca, Tarragona.

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Chocolate Museum.jpeg
Explore Chocolate Museum

Exploring the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona is another unmissable activity for kids as it lets you see the preservation of the artistic side of the tradition of chocolate creation. In the museum, you will discover the history of cocoa and witness the beautiful sculptures created from the chocolates. The children can learn tons of things about chocolate and its uses in this museum through the engaging chocolate activities.

Location: C/ del Comerç, 36, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

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Bus Tour
Take a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Another activity that you can do with your little ones is taking a hop on hop off bus tour through which you can experience the entire Barcelona in an open-top double-decker bus. With the help of this tour, you can pay a visit to the fundamental attractions of the city, including La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Park Guell, and La Rambla. Along with the bus tour, you will also get a multilingual audio commentary guide that enhances your sightseeing experience with great insights about these popular landmarks.

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Montjuic Cable Car.jpg
Get on The Montjuic Cable Car

If you wish to see the aerial views of Barcelona city, getting on the Montjuic Cable Car ride is one of the most impressive things to do with kids in Barcelona. This ride will take you up to Montjuic Hill, thereby allowing you to catch a glimpse of the unparalleled views of the city. You can also witness the views of the former military fortress with the giant Montserrat Mountains on one side and the magical Mediterranean Sea on the other.

Location: Avinguda Miramar, 30, 08038 Barcelona, Spain.

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Museums Of Illusions.jpeg
Get Thrilled at Museums Of Illusions

The kids can indulge in a thrilling experience at the Museum of Illusions, which constantly tricks the camera and their eyes with optical illusions. From posing next to the interactive backdrops to witnessing the exclusive collection of 3D artworks, you will be mesmerized at every step of this museum. The children will surely have fun in the museum trying to tame a dinosaur, peering into the Grand Canyon, and boarding the titanic.

Location: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 17, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

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Montjuïc Magic Fountain.jpg
Watch the Montjuïc Magic Fountain

Amongst the most famous things to do with kids in Barcelona is catching a glimpse of the Montjuïc Magic Fountain whose magical performance will leave you speechless. The children will love the vibrant visual spectacle of the magic fountain, along with a soundtrack of classic and pop hits. The color of the rainbow displayed on the fountain, with the help of more than 3600 water jets is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

Location: Pl. de Carles Buïgas, 1, 08038 Barcelona, Spain.

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Casa Batlló.png
Visit Casa Batlló

Visiting Casa Batlló is one of the must things to do in Barcelona with kids as it displays one of the pioneering architectural design techniques called Trencadís of the legendary artist Antoni Gaudi. When you visit the attraction especially in the evening, you can view the interesting effect created on the marvelous building with the sun’s rays. You can also take a tour of the artistic terrace of the building that offers spectacular views of the city of Barcelona.

Location: Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Spain.

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The Maritime Museum.jpg
Experience The Maritime Museum

Experiencing the Maritime Museum is a wonderful activity in which kids can see the glorious days of Spain when they were the highest power on the sea. On visiting the museum, the kids can find anything and everything based on the ships, including old navigation charts, shipyards, and a miniature version of one of the first submarines in the world, Ictíneo I. It is a remarkable activity to teach the kids about the different kinds of ships and the role they played in the history of Spain.

Location: Av. de les Drassanes, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.


Which are the best places to visit in Barcelona with kids?

    • Bogatell Beach
    • Parc de la Ciutadella
    • Montjuic Castle
    • Tibidabo Amusement Park
    • Cosmo Caixa
    • La Sagrada Familia
    • Caixa Forum
    • Port Vell
    • La Boqueria
    • L’Aquarium Barcelona
    • Poble Espanyol
    • Plaza d’Espanya
    • Park Güell
    • Casa Battló
    • Gaudi Experiencia 4D
    • Maritime Museum
    • Museum of Illusions
    • Parc del Laberint d’Horta
    • Camp Nou
    • Illa Fantasia Water Park

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