Surfing in Barcelona

Places for Surfing in Barcelona

There are plenty of options for surfing in Barcelona, where you can experience the best surfing. Windsurfers and kiteboarders will enjoy exploring the windy bays on Barcelona's northern shore. One of the best to include is Barceloneta, which is the most popular surf spot in all of Barcelona Beaches and many passionate surfers can be found here. Other places for Barcelona surfing include Tyson, this surfing area is right next to Barceloneta. There are typically two to four movements per wave in these hollow "Mediterranean" waves that are characteristic of this region.

Barcelona surfing also includes some great places like Masnou,which lengthy rides that are available on this more southerly section of the city's surrounding coastline make it a journey that the local surf community makes frequently. One can also consider visiting Montgrat for surfing in Barcelona, a series of little beach breakers that are significantly closer to the city than Masnou but get the similar south windswell.


Undoubtedly, Barceloneta Beach is the most well-liked beach for surfing in Barcelona in all of Catalonia. It drags all the way down Barcelona's south side, just a short stroll from the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas. An exposed beach with moderately steady surf is Playa de la Barceloneta in Catalonia. The best season for surfing is in the winter in Barcelona. Although the west is the ideal wind direction, the waves can fluctuate with the season, air, and swell direction. The beach's waves frequently split to the right, a reasonably well-liked wave that occasionally becomes congested. In general, the people here are pleasant, so have fun conversing with them.


Some of the city's most unique hollow waves may be seen at Tyson. Again, Barcelona surfing requires powerful wind swells to function, so you'll frequently be outside during a storm. Although rides are exceptionally rare, Tyson uses the strength of the neighbouring water brakes to give the shoulder a little amount of steepness so that it may even crash over. When walking, the locals will always be there in large numbers. In front of the beach, there is a beautiful government-run facility where you may bathe and use the lockers for a reasonable fee. Tyson is just close to Barceloneta, so you get all the benefits of being there, and the residents are equally as kind.

Killer Point

Killers are well secured by local groups for surfing in Barcelona, and fights in the lineup are not unusual. It's a pity, considering it's the greatest wave in town. This is due to the greater exposure to the Mediterranean that occurs when the shoreline bends a little more west than at any other place in town. It's the closest thing to an Atlantic edge in Barcelona, with a clean hold of roughly five feet and perhaps seven with some wobbling. What's amazing about Killers is that waves are bigger than at Barceloneta so you can surf with all tides.


The old fishermen's cottages on the beach and the homes strewn across the cliff have given this little bay its distinctive aspect, making it one of the most attractive for surfing in Barcelona. In the off-seasons of winter, spring, and fall, Garraf is the ideal location for wave riders who prefer more sedate beaches. With the exception of the summer, parking in this area is often simple. However, the water is generally flat in the summer. A beach break with waves on both the right and left is also present at Garraf and the majority of waves are visible near the pier.

El Prat

El Prat's beach break provides both right and left handed surfers with waves. Similar to other locations along the Catalonian Coast, these waves were generated naturally. The location offers waves up to two metres for surfing in Barcelona of any skill level and is located in the Llobregat River delta. The beach is favoured by surfers from Catalonia, and when the weather is ideal, El Prat offers a complete lineup. On certain days, take public transportation instead of driving because parking spaces are hard to find.

The Cemetery

The Barca population loves to surf in Sitges, and the Cemetery is without a doubt the greatest place in the little town for surfing in Barcelona to the southwest of the city. The position, which lies directly in front of the municipal cemetery, gave rise to the name. From there, you may pick up and down the coast a number of peaks, mostly mushy beach peaks that are enjoyable for loggers. Shortboarders are more likely to be tempted to the Aiguadolc harbour walls, where eight-foot winter swells may produce peeling waves that occasionally let go with an overhead curl. Although localism might be a problem, the atmosphere here is often nicer than in Barcelona.

Río Besòs

The majority of the sites along the Catalan Coast are beach breaks, but this one is unique. It is a point break when the waves at Rio Besos crash into the rocky cliff to the right. There are other differences as well, less than ten kilometres north of Barcelona, this location lies near the Bess River's mouth in Sant Adrià de Bess. For more experienced surfers, this is one of the best-kept gems among Catalonia's surf places.

Sant Pere Pescador

A village in the Golf de Roses called Sant Pere Pescador is about one and a half hours' drive north of Barcelona. Sant Pere Pescador's seaside region is a calm location for surfing in Barcelona. Amazingly consistent, the sea breeze at Golf de Roses often blows with a steady strength of 12 to 24 knots. Right-side onshore wind is blowing. As a result, it's a fantastic lower intermediate location which is the ideal place to kite without worry because of the stunning beaches and the quantity of delicious Catalan cuisine. Numerous schools that provide instruction and rental items may be found here.

FAQ's for Surfing in Barcelona

What are the things to keep in mind while going for Surfing in Barcelona?

It is not impossible to go surfing in Barcelona as the majority of serious surfers are well aware, the Mediterranean can generate some huge waves. There are several things you need to know before getting in the water. At least until you're comfortable using a board in and out of the water, it's probably worth buying a used one.

When to surf in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, winter is the surf season because the north and nort-east winds that pass the Costa Brava are strong enough, they can create windswells that are worthwhile for surfing. The native population will be there straight away, although stormy days are still typically preferable. Early in the morning, five feet of waves and breezes are ideal.

Which are the best Surf spots around Barcelona?

  • Barceloneta
  • Tyson
  • Killer Point
  • Garraf
  • El Prat
  • The Cemetery
  • Río Besòs
  • Sant Pere Pescador

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Which are the best beaches to go surfing in Barcelona?

  • Barceloneta
  • Bogatell
  • Sitges
  • Montgat Beach
  • Vilassar
  • Masnou
  • Garraf

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